Tecnadis HEATSHIELD is an innovative nano-technology based coating which blocks out the passing of infrared (IR) solar radiation. TECNAN’s new product is directly applicable over glass surfaces, offering excellent properties of thermal barrier without compromising the transparency of the surface, giving this way an effective solution against excessive heating of rooms behind crystal surfaces under heavy sunshine. Thus, this product is applying in glazed building or architecture and in automotive sector.

Thanks to its outstanding blocking capacities, it is posible to reduce around 45-50% of the solar energy passreducing air conditioning demands up to 60% in glass buildings.

Applying the treatment significantly reduces energy consumption of cooling processes; as a result, important energy savings in operating costs in buildings are achieved. As an example, energy savings for cooling a place from 40°C to 23°C, comparing to cooling from 30°C to 23°C where the product has been applied, are estimated on approximately 60%.

However, this solar energy blocking capacity is adjustable by means of applying additional layers of product, being possible to increase the amount of radiation filtered.

Moreover, Tecnadis HEATSHIELD can be applied by conventional painting techniques (pressure air gun) or by cleaning tools (cloth, articulable sponge) in the proper number of layers according to the needs of solar energy blocking. And the coating shows exceptional behavior facing conventional glass-cleaning procedures and cleaners/detergents, keeping the properties (solar energy blocking) unaltered during years.