With Tecnadis HEATSHIELD the temperature of a room reduces 25% approximately.


Around 15 points IR transmission reduction results in a thermal reduction of 25% approx

The reduction capacity is adjustable by means of applying additional sprayed layers of product, being very easy the achievement of higher reductions. It is totally adjustable solution.

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Standard layer: Indoor Tᵃ differences of 10°C approx.


In large layer quantities: Around 14°C reduction

Solar Spectrum Device, THE SS2450, is capable of calculating the Visible Light Transmission, UV transmission and  Infrared transmission. There are at least three standards based on the use of spectrophotometers to measure the spectral solar optical performance of glazing materials. They include ISO9050, NFRC 300, and EN 410. The test procedures in these standards often include calculation methods for measurement of single or multiple glazing layers in a given system.