Tecnadis HEATSHIELD based on nanotechnology blocks out Infrared radiation (IR), reducing the pass of solar energy in rates of 45-50%

Thanks to its easy application, the blocking capacity is adjustable applying additional layers of product.

No, with a standard application (blocking of 45-50% aprox.), a treated glass and non-treated glass are quite indistinguishable.

Tecnadis HEATSHIELD can be used for all types of glass surfaces that are directly exposed to solar radiation, specially for glazed surfaces of buildings and car windscreens. TECNAN’s treatment is recommended for outdoor applications. It is also possible to apply the product on the inside of the glass but the effectiveness could be slightly reduced

Tecnadis HEATSHIELD treatment is based in two different components: Component 1 (BASE) and Component 2 (HARDENER) that have to be mixed necessarily a minimum of 24 hours before the application. Once mixed, the treatment is applied by conventional painting techniques such as pressure air gun, being possible to cover large areas without difficulty. It is also possible to use cleaning tools such as articulated sponge or cloth among others. For more detailed information, please consult the application sheet

Yes. For a proper application, direct the gun in longitudinal stripes maintaining a uniform speed (0,22 m/s) and keep on covering the entire surface in the way that each spray fan overlaps onto 50% of the previous pass. Please, see the application sheet for full information.

Yes. It is recommended to keep a well-ventilated the place during application of the coating and also the 4 hours after the treatment. It is recommended not to stay in the room where the treatment is being applied until 4 hours after application of the product. It has a characteristic odour during the next few hours until total ventilation.

It has a very high performance of 25 m²/L approx. for a standard protection layer.

It is recommended to use appropriate PPE for handling this type of product (see product’s MSDS).

Tecnadis HEATSHIELD is a hard and durable coating, and it shows exceptional behaviour facing conventional glass-cleaning procedures and cleaners/detergents. It also resists ultraviolet radiation, keeping the properties (solar energy blocking) unaltered.

Tecnadis HEATSHIELD kit includes:

  1. Tecnadis HEATSHIELD BASE: The component 1 of the final product.
  2. Tecnadis HEATSHIELD HARDENER: The component 2 of the final product.

Product presentation has been designed in the case of use all the product to add the whole content of Component 2 into the container of the Component 1.