Save 60% on your air conditioning bills thanks to Tecnadis HEATSHIELD!

Block heat radiation without losing transparency with the revolutionary product Tecnadis HEATSHIELD!

Tecnadis HEATSHIELD is economical, easy to apply and durable!

Enjoy the views while reducing by up to 15°C the temperature of your living room with Tecnadis HEATSHIELD!

Tecnadis HEATSHIELD, a product from TECNAN S.L., is based on nanotechnology and as a result specific properties are achieved that make this product the most advanced product in the world in its category.

This innovative coating for architecture and automotive glass blocks the infrared radiation and as a consequence prevents excessive heating of the interior spaces. Temperature minimum reduction is 25% in comparison with an original glass.

As a result, the necessity to cool a space will be reduced and thus the electricity consumption, saving on your air conditioning costs. As an example, the energy savings for cooling a 200 m³ treated space to 23° C  at 30° C, in comparison with a not treated space at 40° C (25% of temperature difference), will be approximately 60 %:

Example, required energy consumption to cool a  200 m³ space to 23 °C:

NOT TREATED:                                                     Tᵃ inicial: 40°C  1966,5 Kcal (7803,8 BTU)

TREATED:                                                              Tᵃ inicial: 30°C    809,7 Kcal (3213,3 BTU)

Thus, if you would like more energy efficiency and a considerable economic saving on your air conditioning bills, prove Tecnadis HEATSHIELD and stop spending money!

Compare the price of Tecnadis HEATSHIELD with its competitor’s products like films and other liquid products:

See the easy application of Tecnadis HEATSHIELD:

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